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Trying to draw cube on image target using InternalRendering

Hi I am trying to draw a cube on a target image detected by Wikitude’s SDK. I followed the MultipleTargetsClientTrackingActivity sample except I changed the external rendering to internal rendering because I am using my own Renderer class. I followed the instructions on the internal rendering example in the Wikitude docs. So on the phone I can see the camera view from Wikitude's SDK with the watermarks since I’m using trial version, but I can’t see the cube being drawn. I have verified that I’m tracking the targets and able to get their model view matrices, but for some reason it’s not drawing the cube. I don't think my custom cube class would be the problem because  I have used it before in other projects and was able to render it perfectly fine. I suspect the problem has something to do with the GLSurfaceView setting the renderer, but I'm not exactly sure. I have attached my activity and renderer class if someone wants to take a look at the code. I appreciate the help. Thanks.

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I forgot to mention that I am using Wikitude SDK 6.0 NativeSDK

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