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Architecural world not loading

I am running sample code by creating the apk file of it but its not working properly its always showing me the alert box saying "Failed to load architect world and file not found or file is unreadable and url forming is: file:///android_asset/www/world/01_ImageRecognition/index.html

can you please help me out in this

below are the attached file of js and html file please rectify it.

(585 Bytes)
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by connecting using phone gap app its working fine but when creatng apk of this file and installing it in mobile leads to the above error.

Good morning,

The error you are describing doesn't make much sense to me at the moment. What are the exact steps you are using to create and install the APK file? Are you using the Cordova command line?

- Daniel

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I am using yours sample application , and  steps that i am following is as per your documentation the thing is i am not able to get it that why the AR world is not loading. I have send you the all the AR Expreience on your email id please have a look on it please.

Thank you.

Command that i am following is something like,

i am creating the cordova application lets say ImageRecognition

Cordova create helloworld com.example.hello helloworld

after this am pasting your sample code for ImageRecognition in the created prject folder name "www"

after that i am adding the wikitudephonegap plugins to the project and adding android platform as well,

and then build that project using cordova build command

Good morning,

sorry for the delayed reply, It has been a very busy week.

For the exact steps required to setup up a Cordova app I can recommend the and scripts. You should be able to derive the exact sequence of required commands quite easily from that.

You may download them here.

I just ran the scripts and found them and the resulting app to be working.

Kind regards


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