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Get northing and easting

In the demo x_Demo_2_Solar$System(Geo), the AR.GeoObject (planets) use relativeLocation and animate around the sun. Will it be possible at any given time to found out the northing and easting of the planets referencing from the Sun?

For example, I want to be able to create an object and position it exactly the position where I clicked on Earth but it will not follow Earth to animate around the sun. Basically I want to position it base on where I click on Earth. 

You may use AR.GeoLocation or define an AR.RelativeLocation relative to the Location of the clicked object. Note that these are lat/long values in Geo-AR. In case you want to define more complex animations, you may think of defining clickable areas in your 3D model or switch over to an Instant Tracking approach.

Oh I think using the clicked obj as a reference is a good idea. I will try that out to see if the result is good enough.
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