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Android Marker Recognition

Hello, I need to develop an Android App that recognizes Marker (from some Marker Image saved in the memory).

I just started to use Wikitude (in fact I do not know).

I am using the SDK Android Native API, and in the folder ther is an example "SDK Examples" (Unfortunately it is in Eclipse, not in Android Studio. So I must see manually the classes in the project).

In my project I have imported the library "wikitude-native-sdk.aar" and I can import more classes in wikitude, but there are some classes that there aren't, for example:

- import com.wikitude.samples.WikitudeSDKConstants;

- import com.wikitude.samples.rendering.external.CustomSurfaceView;

- import com.wikitude.samples.rendering.external.Driver;

- import com.wikitude.samples.rendering.external.GLRender;


Thank you very much!

Best regard...

(42.2 KB)

I do not know if the problem is the size of the library (see the image attached Immagine2.png).

Hi Christian,

if you download the latest Wikitude Native SDK for Android package and unzip it you will get an Android Studio(not Eclipse) project in Examples/NativeSDKExamples.

You should be able to open it like any other Android Studio project.

The classes you are missing are part of the NativeSDKExamples app and therefore not part of wikitude-native-sdk.aar.

If you want to use those classes in your own project you will have to copy them into it.

Best Regards,


Hello Alex!

Thank you very much for your response!

I have downloaded the Android Native API (version 2.1.0) at this link:

I can not open the project with Android Studio, in the folder unzipped:


I have attached a screen where I try to open the project wth Android Studio.

Can you help me?

Thank you very much!

Best Regards!


I am sorry!

I solved the problem! You are very kind..

Thank you very much!

Best Regard..

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