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ARML 2.0 Integration


We are building a service that publishes endpoints that allow Location based ARML.2.0 results.

is there a simple tutorial on how to integration our endpoint into wikitude?

example of our endpoint


returns an ARML 2.0 feature list of POIs. 

Hello Jeryl,

We do not support ARML within our SDK.



can you explain:

"Wikitude natively supports ARML and we are looking forward to working with others to make ARML an adopted OGC standard that enables AR applications to connect well with thousands of other OGC-compliant geospatial resources.”"

? what is wikitude currently using ARML for?

Hi Jeryl,

In the Wikitude App we do support ARML but within our SDK we currently do not.



@Wikitude Suppot.

Thank you for your response and clarifying, one last question:

If I am to make an endpoint(example: ./restendpoint?long=-107&lat=48&radius=1) that returns POI results in AMRL 2.0

like this:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns=""

        <ar:provider id="">
            <ar:name>Mountain Tours I Love</ar:name>
            <ar:description>My preferred mountain tours in the alps. Summer and Winter.</ar:description>
            <wikitude:providerUrl> </wikitude:providerUrl>
            <wikitude:logo> </wikitude:logo>
        <Placemark id="123">
            <description>Gaisberg is a mountain to the east of Salzburg, Austria</description>
                <wikitude:url> </wikitude:url>
                <wikitude:address>Jakob-Haringer-Str. 5a, 5020 Salzburg, Austria</wikitude:address>

   your saying I can integrate this into the Wikitude App?

my reference:

(189 KB)
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