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Hide certain poi markers from AR view

I am using the android JavaScript SDK to create poi markers in the AR view. I would like the user to be able to hide certain poi markers from view based on a toggle button inside of the android code.  How can I retrieve native code from JavaScript to determine which poi markers are supposed to be visible? Also, how can hide certain poi markers based on some kind of category or type? I appreciate any assistance with this matter.


Thank you.


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Hello Mariah,

It is possible to hide POI markers and you could refer to our sample Limiting Visible POIs to see how to implement this functionality.


In the above sample, you can limit POIs based on a certain range. However , you can define other parameters as well and then simply define if a Drawable object is visible or not based on the value of the enabled property (more info here). Please note that setting the 'opacity' property to '0' would also work. in that case the triggers (`onEnterFieldOfVision` etc.) would continue to work, which they would not when setting 'enabled' to 'false'.



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