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Dynamic Markers / Instant Tracking


I try to track arbitrary data matrices (2D barcodes). For that I wrote a plugin and I now have the location in the current frame for the data matrix. My question is how can I now track this location (to add descriptions etc, depending on the data matrix content). I tried instant tracking but it seems to require user definition of the location. So can I define dynamically a trackable object/ target?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello Dominic,

If you are trying to scan Barcodes then doesn't the sample we provide here (Barcode and QR code reader) help you?



Hi Eva,

the problem is not reading the Barcodes (I am using ZXing for that); it is to locate the barcode to project data besides it. I have the detected edges of the barcodes and would like register some kind of instant tracking to track the position of the read barcode (at least as long it is visible). I thought the instant tracking feature would suffice for this, but it was lacking in the aspect that I could not find a way to specify the location of the instant tracking programmatically.

Thank you



What I want can be achieved through creating an image target programmatically from a picture (kind of like Vuforia's user defined image targets), if it helps to visualize what we need.

Hi Dominik,

Are you using the Wikitude Native or Wikitude Architect SDK? In case you're using Architect, please have a look at 'AR.Positionable' and the corresponding example. It should do exactly what you need as far as I understood your use case ;)

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Hi Andreas,

it's kinda what I was looking for. I hoped I could do that without another library just within Wikitude.

Seems like I have to create AR.Positionable and use something like OpenCV to track the data matrices, I reckon.

Thank you,


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