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I'm currently trying to implement Wikitude with Ionic 2 using this example but I've added a little more functionality.

I managed to store wt3 models in Microsoft Azure Storage and server them into my app using a node server and then donwload them on my device in the asset folder.

After this I wanna initalize World.modelPaths with my new models, but I don't know acctually where I should call the callJavaScript method. 

Right now I'm doing after succces of loadArchitectWorld()...but nothing seems to happen.


      function(success) {

        console.log("ARchitect World loaded successfully.");

//here is my function call... 

        WikitudePlugin.callJavaScript("javascript:loadVariables("+"\""+ paths +"\")");


      function(fail) {

        console.log("Failed to load ARchitect World!");






Please let me know if I can provide you with more info about my request.

Thank you

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Hello Mihai,

Officially we do not support Ionic so the best way to investigate if this is a Wikitude related issue would be for you to test your app without Ionic and see if the same behavior occurs there as well.



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