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why at 88.6 degrease the origin is 447 meters away from the phone?

I have been trying to undo the instant tracking origin with the respect to camera's tilt and tried through marking points figure what algorithm did you guys use. 

why is at 88.6 degrees the origin is 447 meters away from the camera? 


can you please give me the formula on how you change the starting position based on the camera tilt so i can place the object based on the phones position... not the cameras tilt origin. 

i thought you guys used :

distance from camera = height * sin beta

what formula do you guys used to have the origin shift at 

beta = 88.6 

distance = 447


Hi pascal,

Can you give me some more details on your develop environment? I assume you use the Wikitude Native SDK but of course I could be wrong ;)

Could you also please try again to explain what you want to do exactly?

Best regards,


I am using wikitude cordova

I am implementing the instant tracking 

the instant tracking origin is at the center of the camera screen. So when i add objects to the world it will add them based on your instant tracking origin.

I can't use the POI because the compass on that is horrible. 

Based on the phone's tilt, how can you calculate how far away the origin will be from the camera?

If I can find out that, then I can have object populate based on the phones position rather than the origin from the center of the screen

I tried to calculate it on my own, but i can't explain how you get 88.6 degrees the origin is 447 meters away.

Hi pascal,

which values/numbers do you use for your calculations?

Did you noticed that our last instant tracking example allows you to drag the augmentation from the tab bar into the scene? So you can create augmentations at arbitrary locations using the gesture callbacks available from the AR.InstantTrackable.

Best regards,


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