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Snap to screen and no more click events.

I have a hard time trying to find out why, when using the snap to screen feature with a VideoDrawable, clicks seem to stop working after the video snapped back and forth a few times.  Unfortunately this does not happen every time.  Without snap to screen and without the "<div id="snapContainer"></div>" in the index.html clicks work as expected.  When this problem appears not even the AR.context.onScreenClick function is called any more.  Visually everything keeps working, though.  A running VideoDrawable will continue to snap when the image is recognized and lost.  Does anyone have an idea?

Wikitude SDK 6.1


iPhone 5

IOS 10

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Hi Thorsten,

Thx for the report. Did you try to add a onclick function to the div itself?

In case all Wikitude onClick functions are not called anymore, they most likely explanation is found in the JS implementation of the Architect World. All Wikitude onClick functions rely on the fact that the Wikitude JS library receives those touch events. It might be that for some reason a library like jQuery is 'swallowing' those events and the Wikitude JS library is then unable to forward them internally. 

Are you using jQuery or another JS library that might conflict with touch events?

Best regards,


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