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Display in tabbed view (i.e. not fullscreen)


I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to display the ARview within my app's tabbed view (i.e. navigation and tab bar still in foreground). The idea is that the AR view is only one tab of my multi-paged app.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hello Shane,

Could you please refer to the forum posts here to see if the information provided there helps you with your use case?



Neither of those links really helped me... The first one is about adding a UI on top of an already separated ar-view, and the second one is for Xcode (although it sounds along the line of what I'm looking for).

Can you please further explain how I'd go about doing this in a Cordova (technically Ionic, but Cordova should suffice) project?


Still haven't heard back from you... This is one of the last problems on my list of todos and it's really holding me back.

Hi Shane,

I do not completely understand your issue, please elaborate further.

Do you want to have the ARView in full size but with a navigation partially in front of it?

Do you want to have the navigation/tab bar side by side with the ARView?

Best Regards,


Hi Shane,

I get what you are trying to do now but still don't see what the issue with displaying the ARView like in the image is.

Is the ARView overlaying your tab/navigation bar?

Is the tab switching the issue?

Best Regards,


Ah okay, good to know that it should work.

Basically what happens is the blank page (that belongs to the tab) will display first, then wikitude will load in a seperate webview on top of the tabbed page.

I tried incorporating the wikitude code into the page directly, rather than in a seperate html file like the docs / examples suggest, but couldn't get it to work.

Hi Shane,

The only way this would be possible for cordova without modifying the is to add the tab bar to the AR-experience and then use the connection between cordova-wikitude to change the active view on click.

You could also modify the line in to achieve a non-full-screen ARView. (This is not an ideal solution since you would need to modify it again after an SDK update).

Best Regards,


Ah okay thanks, I'll give it a shot!

Will the modifications to the java file affect android only? If so, what would I have to modify for ios?

Hi Shane,

For iOS you need to modify the 'WTARViewController.m' that is part of the Wikitude Cordova plugin. Within this file we define that the 'WTArchitectView' is displayed fullscreen.

Simply modify line 81 '[self.architectView setFrame:self.view.bounds]' to use an frame that fits your needs e.g. 'CGRectMake(50, 50, 100, 100)'. You also need to set 'self.view.alpha = 1.0' so that you see the Cordova web view in the background.

Best regards,


Hello. Now when i'm reading this topic I came up with an idea.
Would it be possible to launch the ar view behind the cordova web view? It would be a great way to integrate it with ionic for example after setting the background color to transparent (cordova-plugin-googlemaps works the same)

Best regards,


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Launching it behind Cordova would be perfect... I completely forgot that that's how the maps plugin works.

Is there a way to do this Andreas?


Somebody from Wikitude please respond... I need this for a project that's due very soon.

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