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App to show routes

Hi, i'm considering to use wikitude in an application to show routes. I need to put geolocation points and showing them.
I have three questions:
- is there any simple tutorial for beginners of wikitude?
- I need to show a point, with its coordenates, like a layer in screen, but i need that layer responds using SLAM so that the movement is fluid. How can i do that?
- I need to draw a line over the road, like in a car gps. How can i do that?Hi, i´m cosidering

Hi Javier,

Please make sure that your GPS provider is accurate enough and also make sure to calibrate your phone before start testing. Note that the distance calculation highly depends on the accuracy of your LocationProvider implementation. I recommend using GooglePlay Location Service to not rely on a manual GPS fetching approach.




Thank you for your answer.

When i say that if possible to mix SLAM and GeoLocation is because i want to put several pois across of a street. But the position of the points changes. I guess the GPS readings are not accurate and this does "dance" to the points.

Any idea to solve this?

P.S.I'm using one of your samples

Thank u

Hello Javier,

The best approach for you would be to start by reading our documentation to have a better understanding of how our SDK works. After that, I would suggest you try with the samples we provide (you can download them from the Download page) and try to have a first interaction there.

Regarding your second question, I am not sure I understand but it sounds like you want to combine SLAM and GeoLocation services, which does not make that much sense. But I do believe that if you read our documentation and test our examples you will have a better knowledge of our SDK.

Finally, drawing lines in the SDK in combination with geo based use cases is not possible at the moment. We have this topic on our feature list but we can't give a timeline yet when this will be available.



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