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SDK Sample app - image recognition

I am (very) new to this so please bear with me :-) I have loaded trial SDK Android Java 6.1. (Wikitude SDK JavaScript API 6.1.0 Release Date: 28.03.2017). I want to try SDK samples specifically -first app ImageRecognition (surfer image). I was able to compile on Android Studio and loaded on my Samsung S6 Edge device running Android 7.0. On the device, I launched the app and was able to scan the image but then nothing happens. After researching this forum, I learnt that I have to load my trial license and this is where I need help. I have read documentation many times but not getting it - where do I load the license key - on the device or in one of the files. And please provide detailed steps as I am newbie. Thank you in advance.
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Hello Abbas,

First of all, I would  strongly suggest that before you start coding, you have a very thorough look at our documentation in order to understand how it works. You can start from the setup guide android, and there you will also find a section on how to enter the license key.



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