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a bug reporter about wikitudeSDK, when imported with baidupanoSDK.framework

Hi, i am an iOS developper from China. my App Used AR Vendor of your product, WikiTudeSDK. And we also used BaiduPanoSDK which was produced by a famous company Baidu in China, for a panoramic show, and it imported BaiduPanoSDK.framework.

But it did worked well when we did not use WikiTudeSDK(Version: v 6.1.0). And we tried WikiTudeSDK on our other App, it worked well.

The following is error info:

It blocked in setLicenseKey: EXC_BAD_ACCESS code 257 or code 1, and addresses always same.

And here is BaiduPanoSDK location :

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Hello Michael,

Since we do not officially support baidupanoSDK, there is not much I can offer you for support right now. The error who are receiving could be because of different version of OpenSSL.



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