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Phantom Poi in Android Camera

Premise: there is a call to action on each marker where when user tap on marker a window appears.

Android and iOS using the same JavaScript code, but only in Android there is a transient issue: sometimes marker is visible and sometimes not.

Anyway, when user click on point in the camera (where he expects to see a marker) the window also appears.

In short, there are phantom markers in camera.

Do you know what the reason may be?

a. Here you can find the sample project.

b. Here you can find the video

where :

min 0:24 -> I click on one are and details was open (SUN EYE) but markers is not displayed between two pink markers

min 0.38 -> The marker now is visible, there is an orange marker between two pink markers

Hi Mario!

This issue looks as if you're using too many images in your experience. I recommend to create a single ImageResource per POI type and define the POI title as labels.
As an alternative you may also restrict the POIs to e.g. 20 and see whether this makes a difference.

Please also implement onError callbacks of the ImageResources for debugging purpose.

Bottom line:
Please ensure to use small graphical assets and reduce the amount of ImageDrawables where possible. In case you have to create complex assets, you may host the whole asset on your server,

Please also check behaviour on other devices. My bet is that reducing the number of POIs and/or reducing the size of the assets would already solve the issue.

in our project we generate images at runtime because out logic is very complex and for this reason we can't use static assets.

We use HTML Drawables.

Anyway, I tried with 8 markers instead 64 (in our app can be present max 64 markers) and the problem is still present.

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