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Real World Scale in SLAM?

Hi All,

Is it possible to use instant tracking and have an object appear in the proper scale relative to the real world physical items? I have noticed in videos that people generally drag and pinch to scale and 
position items. I would like to object to appear at the correct scale immediately, although I do realize that I will need to position the object somehow as well.

I would like to do the above in Unity 3D if possible.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Has there been any improvement or additional features added for the use of 3D models and real world scale in the last 10 months?  Or is there still a "configuration" step that needs to be  used?

I have a project that needs to place models in an environment to an accurate size.

Thanks in advance


In the latest version of the SDK (7.2) we added ARKit and ARCore support. So if you are running on a device that has support for this, it will be used automatically and the scale should match real world scale. If the device doesn't support ARKit or ARCore, it will fallback to the previous behavior.

The configuration step is still there to define the plane on which tracking should work and where the origin should be.

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Currently that is only possible by doing a calibration step when initializing instant tracking. So for example you could display the outline of a virtual A4 piece of paper and have users align that with a real world version.

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