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Calibration not working on ODG R-7


I am writing my first Wikitude AR app for the ODG R-7. When I first start it up, as expected, Wikitude prompts me to calibrate the R-7. I have printed out the calibration image from this page:

I am unable to get the red square to turn green no matter what how I look at it with the R-7. That seems to indicate that the image is not recognized. Is there anything in particular that I need to do to my app so that I can ensure the image is recognized and confirm that this is the issue?

Hi Chris,

did you try to move closer to the target? For recognition you have to be quite close (~ 1m) to the target.



Hi Peter,

I have literally started right next the target and walked backwards slowly to about 5 meters.

Has the current release of the ODG optimized SDK been tested on the R-7 without a calibration profile? I am honestly just trying to setup a hello world to confirm whether or not I can get the SDK working let along try out some of its features.


Hello Chris,

yes, it was tested. I've also re-tested our sample app without a profile right before I answered you. The target was recognized as expected.

Did you try it with your own app or with our sample app?


Digging through the sample app, I found these 3 lines in the onResume and onPause life cycle methods:

ExtendDisplay.extendWindow(getWindow(), true);
DisplayMetrics metrics = new DisplayMetrics();
ExtendDisplay.getDisplayMetrics(this, getWindow(), metrics);

Those lines are making use of an ODG package. Without it, the calibration will fail for new apps. The inclusion of this ODG dependency is missing from the Getting Started steps:

Today I have downloaded the ODG optimized SDK to try the sample apps. I faced the same problem as Chris with my ODG-R7. At the end, I managed to calibrate the ODG but it was difficult to do the calibration process. I calibrated (recalibrated) the ODG several times but the calibration was every time way off. The orange box doesn't fit properly to the image, it was almost 1.5 times as big as the image.

Will there be an improvement of the calibration in the near future?

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I have the same issue as Andreas, I have retried calibration for several times but the final box always bigger than the picture.

FYI, I didn't move as far as Chris (5 meters), My distance from target only around 1 meters.

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Hello Andreas (again), Hello Rossy,

we will release a new version of our SDK quite soon and we improved the calibration for smartglasses in this release. There is a good chance that this will fix your issues.

Hope it will work for you!



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ODG R-7 with Marshmallow, Wikitude SDK 7.1.: I managed to calibrate the device when running the Wikitude samples. However, my own program does not find the calibration profile (I followed the setup guide) - any ideas why this could be? The sample app does find it, there is no prompt for calibrating the device when I run it again. When I try to calibrate after starting my own program, the same issue as described in this thread happens: the box stays red. As described by Rossy Sen, the box seems to stay bigger than the picture. 

Hi Janna,

Does your app have permissions to write/read external storage? The calibration file is stored in external-storage/Wikitude unless otherwise specified.

Best Regards,


Excellent point, I just realized I had not completed the permission requests. Thanks!

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