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How to save camera frame?


I am unable to save camera frame and when I print its pixel values they are all white. I followed all the online help available but nothing works.

Please post an example of how to save a camera frame from C# in Unity.


Hello Martin,

Our tech team is already working on the first forum post you have created here, and you will receive feedback there by my colleague. As it’s very hard for us to work efficiently if we have multiple forum posts with the same content from the same person, please stick to the first forum post you created Also please note that creating different requests with the same content does not speed up the process, as each request has the same priority and will be worked on by our team once they are on the task to answer support requests.

Also keep in mind that response times in the forum may vary according to the severity of a possible issue, time needed for investigation and checking.

Thanks for your understanding


Hi Eva, Thanks for the update...I received no feedback on the post for long time and didn't get any questions either so assumed nobody knows the answer or nobody saw the post. I am looking forward to hearing about the solution to the problem. I have spent last couple of days trying to find out what should be quite simple and fundamental thing to do, i.e. save a camera frame.
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