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Wikitude SDK: Parameters to ArchitectView


I have a Wikitude-Project (in Android 6.0) but it does not work. I'd like to pass parameters through an URL, where i host my page and the available items, but it always shows me the error "Failed to load data set".

Here is how i call the architectview:

double p1 = 0.00;
double p2 = 0.00;
url = ""
+ "?param1=" + p1
+ "&param2=" + p2;

Without parameters the page works like it should. According to the documentation it should work. Without parameters it works, with parameters i get the error. I already found another topic with the same issue, there the solution was with archtectview.calljavascript but I don know how that works and the stackoverflow-topic also didn't help me.

Could somebody show me an example?

I am using the newest Wikitude-SDK.

Hello Marco,

When I checked the url you provided above ( I receive a "The site can't be reached" error. Are you sure you are putting your files on a server where they are reachable?



the Mappage was just a dummy-URL. But now it works, it was my fault, I passed the wrong parameters.


Hi Marco,

Good to know that it is working now!



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