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POIs Move constantly

Hi to all.

I have bean able to render my POIs in the ArchitectWiew, but they are like nervous and moving all the time, an the most important they are trying to follow me all the time.

I'm trying to archive POIs at indoor location, I'm using beacons and a library that returns a good indoor GPS values.

The POIs are near to me, between 1 to 5 meters, but they have a estrange behaviour:

  • The look nervous like moving in all directions all the time, and we want to archive an static behaviour.
  • The other point is if we move around a point 360 degrees the POIs try to follow us when they are at the edge  of the screen, i.e. if I have a POI in the North (1 to 5 meters from me) and I'm moving to the East the North POI every time that reach the edge of the screen try to follow me to the East, and the East point shows with a huge delay in its correct position, if I go again to the North the East POI try to follow me the same way the North point did before, I'm doing this just moving my arms and shoulders and not walking.

It is possible to improve this behaviours?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Marco,

What you should do is:
  • Make sure you are testing with our latest SDK version, which is 6.1
  • Make sure that your GPS provider is accurate enough and also make sure to calibrate your phone before start testing. Note that the distance calculation highly depends on the accuracy of your LocationProvider implementation. I recommend using GooglePlay Location Service to not rely on a manual GPS fetching approach.
  • Test outside




The POI was moving because the positioning system, is not as precise as we thought, the location change every second about 5 meters every time, when the position is fixed the POI doesn't move.


Hi Marco,

I am glad you were able to sort it out and continue with your app.



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