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Checking camera permissions from JavaScript SDK?

Is it possible to determine within the JavaScript SDK if the application has permission to use the camera?


Hello Ryan,

You would need to have a look at the code inside the files AndroidManifest.xml and info.plist



What I mean specifically, is whether or not the user has actually granted the application permission to use the camera.

i.e. The user loads the screen that displays the Wikitude control, the wikitude control loads up our custom HTML page. The OS then asks the user if it's okay to use their camera, and the user presses "No". Is there any way within the HTML / JavaScript to know what the status of the user permission is?

Hi Ryan,

There is no such API currently included in our JS API. We do have Java/ObjC classes that you can use to check for user permissions. Based on the result of them you could call some JS code from Java/ObjC and bring that information into the JS context.

Best regards,


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