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WikitudeSDKStartupConfiguration not found


it might be a simple problem, but I do not understand why my app can't find the WikitudeSDKStartupConfiguration. I am developing with the latest version of android studio.

This is my import:

import com.wikitude.WikitudeSDKStartupConfiguration;

And here is my a snippet of my build.gradle:

dependencies {
compile(name: 'wikitude-native-sdk', ext: 'aar')
compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar']) //... here are more depencies
} repositories {
flatDir {
dirs 'libs'

It always says that the symbol cannot be resolved. Did I dismiss something? Also, i copied the newest wikitude-native-sdk.aar in my libs-directory. When I open the examples-project, it works.

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Hi Marco,

which version of the Wikitude Native Android SDK are you using?

We removed the `WikitudeSDKStartupConfiguration` class in version 2.0 and replaced it with `NativeStartupConfiguration`. You can read more about it in our migration guide.

Best regards,


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