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close the camera and change the black color to another color.

Hi, i am using the android javascript sdk,i want to show the poi points on some background image. and for that i was trying to change the background  color of ArchitectView but no luck it always show the black how can i do that.

Hi swapnil,

changing the ArchitectView background doesn't do the trick because there are two other views on top of it (an OpenGL ES view and a web view).

What you need to do is to implement an input plugin that simply delivers the image content of whatever image you want to have rendered as replacement of the camera image. Please refer to our simple input plugin example for more information about how to implement plugins for the Wikitude SDK.

Best regards,


Hello sir,

Thanx for replaying

can you do one favor for me. can you send me an  example for integrating the image for camera because i never worked on creating native plugin.

Hi swapnil,

You can use the attached plugin as a starting point. You might need to update it to our latest plugin API, but it should give you a good start.

Best regards,



it works fine.but now i am facing new problem. i want to show the poi on panorama view in android with user live location how it can be achieved.and how can i get the rotating x,y,z values of AR object.

Hello Swapnill,

Since the answer provided by Andreas solved your original post and the reply you provided refers to a different issue, I will mark this topic as solved and you can create a new one with the new issues you are facing. This is easier for our forum users as well to search what they are looking for based on the title of each topic.



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