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iOS video overlay


I'm using the Android/iOS Javascript API to create a geolocalized app that have to show videos on POI's detection at certain locations.

Videos are loaded from a self-hosted webservice over http or https.

While everything works fine in Android, in iOS we have some issues:

  • Overlay videos are not loaded at all (videos are quite big and high resolutions, about 200mb per video);
  • I tried following your guide to edit overlay videos using HandBrake, but with the configuration you're suggesting, the videos still don't load;
  • I tried the HandBrake default configuration for iPhone videos and it works, but after loading 3 videos (20mb each) the app crashes.
Do wikitude have a max overlay video size for iOS, or it's an iOS limitation itself?
Note: Every video has an additional transparent video on it, resulting in 6 videos.
The transparent videos have been created following your guide on the developer forum. Each transparent video is about 1,5mb.

Thanks for the help.
Kind Regards

Hello Giulia,

Could you please tell me which SDK version you are testing with?



Hi Eva,

I'm using iOS Javscript API 5.3

Hi Giulia,

This specific version of Wikitude SDK 5.3, that supports iOS 10, had some issues regarding VideoDrawables. Therefore, I would strongly recommend that you update to another version, even 5.3.1 if you do not wish to go with 6, and test with that.



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