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Click to call


i'm trying to make a phone call or send a email by clicking a ImageDrawable.

I'm using the cordova plugin.

I'm trying to use architectsdk:


    call1: function callFn1(){
        document.location = 'architectsdk://button?action=call1';


and in my index.js i've this:


onUrlInvoke: function (url) {
        if(url.indexOf('call1') > -1){

 but my xCode console debug says "Invalid callback id received by sendPluginResult"

I don't understand how it works.


Hi Andrea,

which version of our SDK/Cordova plugin are you using? Because with our latest release, we introduced a new JS -> native communication.

Best regards,


Hi Andreas,

I'm using 6.0.1

Could you make an example of using this JS native communication? Because I can't find anything in documentation.

Tank you very much.


Hi Andrea,

We introduced the new communication in SDK 6.1.0. The documentation would be here: Adding communication between Cordova and ARchitect and an example demonstrating the usage is here (Architect partnative part).

In case you can only use the 6.0.1 API, can you send me the snippet where you call `setOnUrlInvokeCallback` function in your cordova JS code?

Best regards,


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