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[SDK 6.1] Camera quality, AR on close callback


is it possible to change the AR camera resolution? I won't lie - the quality is pretty bad on most android devices. I tried setting the startup configuration

options: any = {
  camera2_enabled: true,
  camera_resolution: 'full_hd',
  camera_focus_mode: 'continuous'


 but it looks like the camera quality doesn't change. I even tried setting it directly in plugin code to

cameraResolutionMode = CameraSettings.CameraResolution.FULL_HD_1920x1080;

but again, no effect.

It's important to me, because i'm taking pictures using captureScreen() and I'd like to have native (or close to native) camera quality


Also, is there anyway to catch the onClose callback? It's easy on android, because I can use setBackButtonCallback(). The question is - how to handle it on ios?

Kind regards,


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Hi Michal,

The reason you might experience this is that the SDK does not allow HD frames for devices with 32-Bit since they are generally not powerful enough to handle the additional computation. On 64-Bit devices setting the CameraResolution to fullHD should work fine.

On iOS there is no back button so you will have to implement some kind of return functionality to exit the ArchitectView where you should be able to do the same thing as for android onBackPressed

Best Regards,


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