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Cordova, phonegap Inconvenient

Good afternoon, 

I have the following drawback, I am trying to test the examples provided in gibhub, making use of adove phonegap, but I do not get any of them working. I followed the steps indicated in the following link




I have special interest in the case of points of interest and image recognition. If someone can tell me if I have to do something besides the indicated in the previous link, I would be very grateful.


Thanks for your attention

Hi Manuel,

You mentioned that you downloaded the samples from the github so, as a first step, could you please download the samples from the download page? When you say that nothing is working, could you please give more details? Are you getting any error, are you getting a black screen? Finally, please report the SDK version you are testing with.



Hi, thanks for your prompt reply

Indeed, I've tried using the examples from have searched the examples you give, but I can not find them.

As for errors, in the device does not show any error, however, when trying to access one of the examples nothing happens, the window of the options list is maintained and does not show the augmented reality experience, although in the phonegap desktop console you can see the errors that will appear in the attached image

thanks for your attention

(54.3 KB)
Hello Manuel,

Could you please tell me if you are testing with iOS or with Android?




I'm trying to test with Android, on a samsung galaxy s5 mini device

Hello Manuel,

Please run these exact commands in your terminal and see whether the sample app works for you. I tried different devices, Android versions and Cordova version and found them all to be working.
cd  wikitude-cordova-plugin-samples-master

sh -d <some_directory> -android true

cd <some_directory>

cordova run android
tried it with Cordova 6.5.0 and 7.0.1



I have followed your indications and have managed to make use of Wikitude augmented reality plugin, thank you very much for all your indications and given attention.

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