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setlicensekey crash for iOS

Hi, I am currently using Wikitude JavaScript 5.3.1 for iOS. 

I tried using the sample project and it is working. However, I encountered crash at setlicensekey in my project. This happens when I purchased a new Macbook Pro and open the project in Xcode 8. 

This project was built using another Macbook that I used to submit the App to App Store. I have verified the license key because I used the same license key to submit to the App Store and that copy is working fine. I also verified that both the sample project and my project settings in Xcode are the same. 

Hello Weilliang,

Could you please send over the call stack from your X Code when you try to run your application?



HI Eva, I have attached the call stack file. 

(7.09 KB)

Good morning,

I just built and ran the unaltered Wikitude SDK 5.3.1 sample app using Xcode 8.3.2 without any issues.

I'd like you to do the same and report back with your findings. You can re-download the 5.3.1 package here if need be.

I also had a look at the call stack you provided. You encountered a segmentation fault when setting the license key, wich seems quite strange to me. Would you mind sharing the code you are running with me. The ParkingARViewController class is what I'd be interested to see specifically.

- Daniel

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