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Encouder - convert from .fbx to wt3

Hi there,

I've recently started building an application for interior design and I've managed to integrate your InstantTracking sample with Ionic2 but after this I need to have accces to more 3D elements (.wt3). So in order to do that I've tried converting .fbx object downloaded from and on my Encoder app this object is showed up all black and I can't find the reason behind this behaviour.

Hello Mihai,

I think that the issue is because the FBX Reviewer adds a default light source to the scene, and the Wikitude3dEncoder imports the scene as is. I guess the 3D model contains normals on the vertices. Therefore the encoder assumes that the material is lit. But lighting without a light source causes black faces. Try adding a light source to your 3D model. I suggest ambient light (some global light source) and a directional light.



Thanks for your fast reply.

I'll get back soon with updates.


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