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how to lock app orientation while leave architectview orientation free?

I want to lock my app orientation as portrait, while leave architectview orientation free.

I'm using cordova plugin. I tried editing AndroidManifest.xml. I set android:screenOrientation="portrait" on MainActivity. It works but the architectview is also locked when I open AR. I noticed that there's a <activity android:name=""> element, who is set android:screenOrientation="landscape" by default. Why is not architectview locked to landscape then? I'm not familiar with android development. I don't know if I'm doing right.

How should I do?

Hi Jack,

in the Wikitude cordova samples the navigation and the ArchitectView are in the same Activity(MainActivity).

If you lock the orientation of the MainActivity in the manifest this will also lock the ArchitectView. 

The MediaPlayer Activity is not containing the ArchitectView but the Activity which is started when you call AR.context.startVideoPlayer from JS.

Since you are not familiar with android development i would suggest trying the cordova-plugin-screen-orientation to lock the orientation in JS once you navigate to an ArchitectView. 

Best Regards,


Clear answer. Thank you, Alex!

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