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Unity IOS Open URL After ARCamera Freeze Frame

Hi. I have problem IOS Wikitude. Lastest Version.

In case, UnityEngine.Application.OpenURL() then opening browser.

when i back to app and go to arCamera mode, Wikitude Camera rendering has freezing  otherwise application is running.

but if press the home key in this state and back to app, the wikitude Camera works properly.

i would like freeze frame to work properly. how?

Hello Chaegon,

I apologize but I do not exactly understand your issue. Could you please tell me what exactly is your problem and then send me the exact steps to reproduce it?



Hi Eva. 

It was difficult to describe in words and attach video link.


1. wikitudeCamera GameObject disable

2. wikitudeCamera is not turned on and goes to background app (press home button or touch to url link button)

3. came back to app

4. enable WikitudeCamera.

5. freezing camera frame.

6. press home button.

7. wikitudeCamera work properly.

this problem occurs in ios, not android.


Thank you for the video demonstrating the problem.

The issue is that the OnApplicationPause event is not called for disabled GameObjects, so the WikitudeCamera cannot handle its internal state correctly when it is disabled and the application is paused.

We will fix this in the next update, but until then, you can try to destroy and recreate the WikitudeCamera and Tracker GameObjects from prefabs, instead of disabling them. Just make sure to first create the WikitudeCamera and then the Trackers.

Best regards,



Thanks for your feedback. I will try.

When is next update date?


Hi Chaegon,

We cannot give you an exact timeline but there will be a next update coming this summer.



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