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HtmlDrawable - not possible to use PropertyAnimation to scale?

I'm using the Cordova plugin, version 5.3.

When I instantiate an AR.HtmlDrawable object, I try to introduce it to the scene using an AR.PropertyAnimation object to scale it from 0 to it's destination size.

This sequence, which works fine when used on 3d geometry, throws the following exception at me:

"Exception with thrown value: ARchitect Error: Property scale.x is not animateable."

I didn't find any mention of this in the documentation. Is it the case that HtmlDrawable objects cannot be animated in this way?

Thanks for any clarification!

- Dave

Hi Dave,

would you mind sharing the code of your JavaScript world with me? I just had a look at the code that outputs this error and it doesn't make much sense to me at the moment that this would happen when animating scale.x.

- Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Could I share it with a private email? 


- Dave


You may use to send you code. I'll have it forwarded to me internally. Make sure to include the subject of this forum post in the subject of the e-mail somewhere.

- Daniel

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