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Loading world from url keep shows "Loading..."


I am using New Studio (Beta), I export my collection,

1 - I copied files into my project, I load world from device, it's working fine

2 - I uploaded same files into my own hosting, I tried to load it by url, it keep showing 'loading...' on screen, then I tried to open same url in wikitude app, and result is the same

this is url to my hosting

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Please run through each file of your project and check if you are able to download it via the browser. Maybe there you have similar issues with other files.

Thanks, Ok, I did that, I went trough all files and file types in all folders and they are retrievable from browser and postman tool.

Thanks, I just want to let you know that after applying mime type on my own website, I updated wikitude app, and now it's working.

Thanks for help


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