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captureScreen() API not working properly on Android

ArchitectView.captureScreen(int captureMode, ArchitectView.CaptureScreenCallback callback)

is not respecting captureMode.


Verified with 02_AdvancedImageRecognition_1_Gestures sample.  The UI button on the right hand side is expected to be captured, but doesn't.  (See the attached pic.)

On line 100 of it says:

SampleCamActivity.this.architectView.captureScreen(ArchitectView.CaptureScreenCallback.CAPTURE_MODE_CAM_AND_WEBVIEW, new CaptureScreenCallback() {

so, webview materials are expected to be captured. 

The iOS version works fine, however.  The UI is superimposed into the picture as expected.

Can you please fix as soon as possible.  We are relying on this feature.

Oh forgot to mention, it's SDK version 6.1.0 !


Thank you for reporting this issue. It is already fixed and will be included in the next release.

Best Regards,


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