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Epson BT 200 Developer Query


I purchased a pair of Epson BT200's for a cousin who due to neck surgery cannot articulate his cervical section of his spine. 

The lack of movement pain has my cousin debilitated not able to work.

My idea with the BT200's was that he could remote control his desktop or connect

to a small WiFi or Bluetooth CCTV camera to be able to see regions around him that  he can no longer articulate to see. 

With that said, I am looking for some assistance. 
1) I am looking for information on any bt200 compatible software that will enable a sharing and control connection to a OS X Desktop, 

2) It would be great to get some info on BT200 compatible software that will support

connecting to a camera or iPhone .  I am also interested in possible hiring a developer to code some basic connectivity software.

Please contact me if you have interests, I am working bonobo, there not a huge budget, but it's a great cause. 



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