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3D model sometimes not loaded


I'm using the 6.1 SDK, and displaying two 3D models on an image target.

Everything works fine, except that sometimes not all the 3D models are loaded, and the onError callback of the corresponding model is fired with error:

"The .wt3 file could not be extracted. Seems to be a corrupted .wt3 file."

which is strange, as most of the time my 3D models are displayed correclty.

One of the 3D models is animated, but this happens randomly on both of my 3D models when launching the application (~1 on 10 launches)

It seems that the more I put 3D models, the more this issue occurs.

Running on Samsung S5, S6.

Please find attached my animated 3D model.




Update:  I was loading two times one of my 3D models (because I needed it to be displayed twice in AR). apparently this causes conflict in using the same wt3 file. Duplicating the wt3 resolved the problem.

Update: In fact I still have this problem. Sometimes some of my 3D models are not displayed. This issue happens randomly and when it happens, the models are never displayed until I close the aactivity and restart the SDK. When it occurs, the onError callback is not fired.



Hello, we encounter same issue in Wikitude 8 and 9 even. 3d Model is not loaded unless phone is horizontally placed and camera gets focus. Then after some 10 seconds 3d model finally renders. Any idea what could cause the issue? 

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