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Battery saving technique


I'm requesting some advice with regards to our apps. First I'd like to congratulate the Wikitude Dev team because there is a significant improvement in the SDK 6, the tracking and stability are stunning.

Now this post is about battery saving. Currently, the problem is that the App (iOS only for now) is dragging substential amount of power out of the battery, and the question is: Can Wikitude team share some best pratices with regards to limits extensive usage of the battery without limiting or decreasing the AR experience, considering our use case:

- Our app is using both Geo Markers and Image Tracking. There are several 3D Geo Markers displayed at the same time (20 in average), and we use mainly low poly models in order to avoid 3D rendering complexity.

- With regards to the image base tracking, there are 4 models registered at the moments, but there will be many more in the future (certainly between 50 and 100).

- The app works with the principle of almost always use the AR view, meaning the camera is on most of the usage.

Any help will be greatly appreciated since the AR is at the heart of the app and we intent to scale it to a large number of users.

Thank you

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Hi Yannick,

It's nice to read that you like our SDK, THX!

In case you need geo AR and image tracking at the same time, there is not much to do in regards to saving battery power. 

If you can control which one is active at one time, you can turn off sensor updates while using image tracking. You need to turn them back on in case you switch back to geo AR, otherwise POIs won't get location updates. 

For geo AR you can try to decrease sensor accuracy by modifying the default values of WTArchitectStartupConfiguration

Turning off hd camera frame rendering should also decrease power consumption. HD frame rendering is turned on per default for geo AR and image tracking. You need to decide for yourself what is more important for you: A high resolution camera rendering or a longer battery lifetime.

I hope this information helps you optimising your app.

Best regards,


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