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Cordova front facing camera iOS

I've set up a simple screen capture example that works perfectly using the back camera, but fails to include the camera image when using the front.

Back camera = camera image +/- web overlay

Front camera = no camera image +/- web overlay 

The image saves to photos, and can be used as file.

Phonegap CLI 6.4.6

SDK 6.1

iOS 10.2

I read a post from 2014 about adding this as a selfie feature

Did it get added to the SDK?



Good morning Paul,

I just took a Screenshot using our Cordova sample app with the camera frame included. I'd like you to verify that it's not working for you using the same approach. I just used the 08_BrowsingPois_6_Bonus-CaptureScreen sample and changed it to use the front facing camera instead of the back facing camera by altering the sampleIndices.js file as follows.

    "path": "www/world/08_BrowsingPois_6_Bonus-CaptureScreen/index.html",
     "requiredFeatures": [
     "startupConfiguration": {
         "camera_resolution": "auto",
         "camera_position": "front"


As always with Cordova, be aware that the build process of Cordova has a horrible habit of duplicating files. So make sure to alter the right file, or, when in doubt, alter them all.

I ran this on iOS 10.2 on an iPad Air 2 with SDK 6.1 and Cordova 6.5.0.

- Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for information. I have found a solution, which I'm happy to share.

I'm using the back camera for most parts, switching to the front camera for the selfie.

When I capture the screen (using front camera), I need to swap to the back camera. It was here that the problem occurred, as I was doing the swap before the image had fully processed.

I'm now waiting for the image to be processed before setting = AR.CONST.CAMERA_POSITION.BACK;



Excellent. Happy to hear you sorted this out and thanks for sharing the solution.

- Daniel

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