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Reduce shaking and use of instant tracking together with Geo location


I am currently working on a project using your Geo location based AR, when I placed an image in a particular location the image was quite shaky, is there any way to reduce the shakiness of the image?

Also sometimes the image didn't stay in the exact same location when i moved the camera around the image appeared a few meters off from where i originally saw it, is there any way the image could stationed to the same exact position when you look at it from your camera?

I was also reading up on your latest feature of your 6.0 SDK Instant tracking do you have any more resources/ sample apps on this?

Also could this instant tracking feature be used with geo-location based AR to give a more accurate and stable image to the user, if so how can it be done?


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Hello Adam,

The issue with unstable objects when using GeoLocation services,most of the times appears when the compass values are not accurate enough. The SDK depends on the values returned from the system and if these valures are off or e.g. 'Jump' then these will be passed on. So e.g. if you try very near metal, the objects might jump and move a lot, as the metal interfears with the compass.

Especially if you are working with iOS 10, please keep in mind that iOS 10 has some major issues with a class called 'CMMotionManager'. This class is responsible for delivering gyro sensor values (Please also refer to our release notes).

Finally, this forum post could help you and also keep in mind that when you are testing outside you will get better results.



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