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Multiple component in one target


I need to recognise multiple components in single target image. 

Like in attached image there are 3 points marked with numeric 1,2,3. in one image.

Wikitude camera can recognise these three components individually.

How I can achieve this? 

I am expecting some solution.


Sorry for not attaching image on previous post

(1020 KB)
Hello Ashok,

If I understood correctly your use case, you would need to identify each of the different component you wish to recognize as a separate image target. So in this case the image target would not be the pageTwo.jpeg image you sent, but the components 1,2,3 in this image.

However, you should keep in mind that, with this approach you need to make sure that every time you need to position the phone close to each component you wish to recognize, and you are not scanning the whole image.

This documentation section would help you in regards to how to work with multiple targets.



Thanks Eva..

I have another query. I need to capture screenshot of a small portion from target image. 

As in previous post attached image, I need to take screen shot of component 1 or 2 or 3 from target image by wikitude camera.  How do I know these component coordinates with respect to target image(pageTwo.jpeg)

Is this possible? Please let me know how do I do this?



Hi Ashok,

It is possible to achieve this specific use case but for that you need to develop your own plugin. Unfortunately, we do not provide code for specific use cases our users might have, only for those in our samples. A simple sample code would be something like that, but you need to implement it on your own

void SomePlugin::cameraFrameAvailable(const wikitude::sdk::Frame& cameraFrame_) {
    unsigned char* fameData = cameraFrame_.getData();
    int frameWidth = cameraFrame_.getSize().width;
    int frameHeight = cameraFrame_.getSize().height;

    // save only a chosen portion of the data into a file here




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Thanks Eva

I ll try to write my own plugin for this.

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