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Augmented view disappearing

 I am using wikitude javascript API instant tracking example. When i place my 3d model on ground and rotate around 180 degree, my model disappears. Why so ?

Hello Parwinder,

Could you please provide us a video demonstrating this issue and a minimal sample code on how I can reproduce the errors you have outlined?

Are you testing with iOS or with Android and is it our latest SDK version 6.1?



I am using Wikitude Instant tracking interactivity example without any modification. I am testing it on Android Jellybean using Wikitude 6.1. On changing my position from 0degree to 180 degree left, my model disappears.


Hello again,

Based on your initial description I was under the impression that you rotate your 3D models and not your phone. When you are integrating with Instant Tracking, you can move left and right around the scene up to a maximum of 180 degrees. In order for you to have a better idea how to achieve the best possible performance with this feature, I suggest you have a look at the article here, on Tutorial: How to properly use Instant Tracking.



Ok, thanks Eva.

Lets suppose I placed my Sofa right in front of me and want to see how it (Sofa) looks from behind. Will that be working ?


What we can guarantee is that, if you place a 3D model then you can walk 90 degrees to the left and 90 degrees to the right, so 180 degrees in total. However, there could be a case that you can actually do a full rotation and be able to see the object from behind, but this is highly dependable on the surroundings of your environment and the phone you are using. Since we cannot control these variables we can only confirm that it is working up to 180 degrees but you could go further if you have set a good tracking environment and you are using a 'high performance' phone.



Thanks appreciate your time for help.


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