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3d Models not rotating in instant tracking

 I am using wikitude unity plugin and trying to run sample instant tracking example of wikitude. Everything is working fine but what if i want to rotate my augmented chair as it rotate in instant tracking example of Android javascript API. Can you help me ?

Hello Parwinder,

Unity is based on our Native API, so that basically means that the rotation of a 3D model needs to be handled by the user. It is possible to do it and we do support it, however we do not offer any sample for that in our Native documentation. The Native API wraps the main functionalities of the Wikitude and enables the full computer vision power in your app. To keep it lean, the Native API does not integrate a separate rendering engine, but offers you the full flexibility in terms of rendering augmented reality content.

In contrast, Javascript includes an integrated 3D rendering engine for augmentations so the user does not need to program it on his own.

I hope I have clarified things for you


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Thanks Eva. I got it.


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