Instructions for Studio Editor and what is supported

The main purpose of this article is to provide further details on how to work with Studio Editor, what is possible to do with this product, what is included and what is not, and what is the easiest possible way to export to your app.

What is new Wikitude Studio Editor

The new Wikitude Studio Editor enables you to create interactive augmented reality experiences for magazines, newspapers, business cards, billboards, catalogues and more with no programming skills needed. Add 3D models, videos and transparent video, images, social media sharing buttons to create interactive content.

Please note that the new Wikitude Studio Editor is currently not integrated with our Cloud services.

Export with new Wikitude Studio Editor:

These are some quick steps on how to export the Studio Editor project:

  1. Integrate the SDK into your own app
  2. Create a StudioEditor Project and add content as you wish (you’ll need to upload the target images via the targetmanager; a double click on the image will open the StudioEditor). Then you can work within the Editor to add content.
  3. Export the StudioEditor project (click on the icon with the 6 rectangles (StudioEditor_TargetsOverview)  and then click the export icon (StudioEditor_ExportIcon)—> you’ll receive an email where you can download the JS Experience
  4. Download the JS Experience, unzip it and put it somewhere on your server or package it within your app.
  5. in your app, once you start the AR experience put in the reference to the index.html file of the experience that is hosted on your server