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GPS Based Augmented Reality?


       i need GPS Based Augmented Reality not POI marker augmented reality which currently is what your documentation shows, on your website front page it shows that wikitude can do GPS Based Augmented Reality and i thought it can when i saw this, , but that is using Vuforia! I need to reproduce that using your POI in cordova. If i can’t i have to switch to  Vuforia Which i really don’t want to because its much easer to use phone gap to create apps instead of unity. Please, how do i get the same results shown in the youtube link i posted inside cordova wikitude?

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Hi Pascal,

The POI (Point of Interest) based samples in our sample app and according documentation are GPS based AR samples. So if you wish to work with gaobsed / GPS based AR then these samples are the best to have a look at:

- Point of Interest

- Retrieving POI data

- Browsing POIs

GPS based AR is support in our JS API and the Cordova, Titanium and Xamarin extensions (not the Native API or Unity Plugin).




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