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AR ViewController nested in UINavigationController only getting first button tap

So this is a strange one ... and I can only imagine its due to some combination of  my code, UIKit and UIWebView issues but I wanted to check if anyone here had seen it before

When my ARViewController is segued to modally all the HTML buttons work fine

When my ARViewController is segued to modally nested as the root view controller of a UINavigationController all of the HTML buttons work

When my ARViewController is segued to with a push transition (and hence nested in an existing UINavigationController) only the first HTML button tap registers ... 

I'm running on the 6.1.0 Javascript SDK with a demo license on an iOS 10.1.1 iPhone 7

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Hi David,

I can't say that I've seen this before, nor does it strike me as an issue that would be related to the Wikitude SDK specifically. I did however have my fair share of strange encounters with the UIWebView in terms of touch input.

For now I can only recommend looking carefully at the UIView, UIWebView and perhaps the UIGestureRecognizer documentation. It should contain some useful information on how these classes behave in these particular circumstances. Especially UIGestureRecognizers, which the UIWebView has a lot of, can behave quite strangely and cause other UIGestureRecognizers to fail.

There are some properties available for reading and writing that affect how touch events are handled and forwarded. The hierarchy in which the views are organized plays a crucial role as well. Maybe experimenting with some parameters and configurations will shed some light on this issue.

If you have any suspicion that this might be an issue of the Wikitude SDK, I'd be happy to have a closer look at this.

Kind regards


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