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No augementation is dispalyed


I have created a collection and a target by New Generation Studio,
I added a Video and a Text on the target.
When I try it with Wikitude app (by my developer account) it detects image and plays Video and shows the text.
But when I use my own app, it detects image (because onRecognition hits, and usage in license page is increased) but it doesn't play video neither shows the text.

Am I missing something?

My code is


var World = {
	tracker: null,

	init: function initFn() {

	createTracker: function createTrackerFn() {
		World.tracker = new AR.CloudTracker("*****mytrailid****", "58e52e7f06c812bf31eec5aa", {
			onLoaded: this.trackerLoaded,
			onError: this.trackerError

	trackerError: function trackerErrorFn(errorMessage) {

	createOverlays: function createOverlaysFn() {
	onRecognition: function onRecognitionFn(recognized, response) {
		if (recognized) {
		} else {
			document.getElementById('errorMessage').innerHTML = "<div class='errorMessage'>Recognition failed, please try again!</div>";

			setTimeout(function() {
				var e = document.getElementById('errorMessage');
			}, 3000);

	onRecognitionError: function onRecognitionError(errorCode, errorMessage) {
		alert("error code: " + errorCode + " error message: " + JSON.stringify(errorMessage));

	scan: function scanFn() {
		World.tracker.recognize(this.onRecognition, this.onRecognitionError); 

	trackerLoaded: function trackerLoadedFn() {

	showUserInstructions: function showUserInstructionsFn() {
		var cssDivLeft = " style='display: table-cell;vertical-align: middle; text-align: right; width: 20%; padding-right: 15px;'";
		var cssDivRight = " style='display: table-cell;vertical-align: middle; text-align: center;'";
		var img = "style='margin-right:5px'";

		setTimeout(function() {
			var e = document.getElementById('messageBox');
		}, 10000);			



Hello Reza,

I am a bit confused with what you posted here. You mentioned that you are using our new Studio and it is working as expected for you and then you switch to our SDK API. When you say that you developed your own app, do you mean you downloaded one of our platforms and tried to create an app (because based on the code you pasted it looks like that)? If so, how is Studio associated with that? Or do you want to export the project you created with new Studio? If so, please have a look at this article here.



Hi Eva

Thanks for reply, this is my use case,

I want to create collection and target on, adding ar on targets, then in my own app when it detects that target and shows the ar

What I have done

1. I create my collection and target

2. I added ar to the target

3. I create a new app

4. I added above codes (in my question) to app

5. Running application

Expected Result

- Detecting image and showing ar on it

Actual result

- Only detetcing image

What I have done to investigte more

1. I downloaded wikitude app

2. I entered developer login

3. Testing on same image


It detects image and shows ar on it

So it it means there is no problem in creating targets, and collection and ar, and there should be something in my app

Please let me know if it is still confusing

Hello Reza,

I think that you are confusing Studio with Javascript API. You successfully created a project in Studio and tested it with the Wikitude app to make sure that it actually works. If you wish to develop your own app, and not export the one that you have already created with Studio, then you should have a look at the documentation section here. In order to create your own app from the beginning you would need to have some programming skills and carefully read our whole documentation so that you can understand the basics.

I hope I understood correctly your use case


Thanks Ema

The document that you referring is for offline (device) recognition , I want to do cloud recognition and AR, As well as link that you have sent me, I have read this too,

My aim is to develop a dynamic app (like wikitude app), so logically I shouldn't add Images and Texts and Videos in Javascript, (How the Wikitude app knows where to position labels and videos, and howmany labels or videos it should load, there is no way unless there would be a dynamic way to read each target information and add them dynamically which doesn't exists in documents, or SDK supports loading it dynamically which I couldn't find any documentation for it)

As I mentioned before my app detects the image from cloud and I get name and other metadata related to it, the only problem is it doesn't load/show AR objects on top of image

p.s I am developing for more than 15 years

Hello Reza,

Apologies but again I am a bit confused with your use case. If you wish to integrate our Cloud services with your app then the documentation you referred to above is the best place to start. That section explains in details how to add augmented objects once a target is tracked. Have you tried using our samples regarding Cloud Recognition and see if this works for you?

What confuses me in your use case is when you say that you wish to develop a dynamic app and you should not have to add images and text in Javascript. If you want to add any kind of augmented object then you need to link it with a specific .wtc target image and therefore, you would need to add all your augmented objects in your Javascript code.



Hey Eva

Sorry confusing you.

"What confuses me in your use case is when you say that you wish to develop a dynamic app and you should not have to add images and text in Javascript."

I am saying it, because I already added my AR on targetmanager web site, so I assume I can change, add , remove ARs on target whenever I want  without changing my app source code, is it correct? (Wikitude app  doesn't know how many AR I added on my target,but it will show them without changing wikitude app source code)

I tried the sample, sample is adding static texts and button on top of every wine bottle, the code I added in my original question is what I have (which is from sample). For sample no AR is added on TargetManager web site, all of them are added in Javascript.

Assume in my collection I have 2 pictures, 

for the first one I add a button on top and add a video on TargetManager website

for the second  one I add a text on top and add a button on left on TargetManager website

Now I detect them in `onRecognition: function onRecognitionFn(recognized, response) {`

How should I dynamically add Button and Text for the first image, and add Text and Button on second image, and how to position them? If I need to do this by if/else statement then what is the reason to having designer on TargetManager and add ARs in there?

Hi Eva

Thanks for clarifying it, 

In conclusion to load AR when using cloud we don't need to create world manually, we just need to export it and load it (if we host it somewhere loading it by url)

And for exporting world we need to do as this instruction

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