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Cloud recognition is working on Wikitude app but not on my app


I have created a target collection and adding a target with some text and videos in

I tested my collection with Wikitude app and when it recognized the target, it will show video and text on top of that.

Then I start my application, I added my trial developer license, and my trial api key and collectionId,
I edited "2_CloudRecognition_1_BasicRecognitionOn-Click" sample, (added apikey, and collectionId here)
When I pointing to the same image and scan, it seems that it recognizes it (because it shows wine banner on bottom of it) but it doesn't show the video or text.

Is there anything that I missed?

Sorry, this question is duplicate of

I already added comments in there

Hello Reza,

Please tell me what is your use case, so what is it that you wish to do, and what are the Wikitude products that you would like to work with in order to achieve that.



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