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Unlicensed feature used

 I am running wikitude example codes on my Android device and loading the world via URL. While running Instant tracking programs, I am getting Unlicensed feature used error on camera via as watermark. what to do

Hello Pawrinder,

If you are testing with our latest SDK version, which is 6.1.0, then the license key provided on the License page should be working for you. If you are testing with a previous version then you need to request for a key through



Thanks Eva . I was using 6.0.1 version of SDK. I will now upgrade it to 6.1.0 and let you know the status.

Thanks Eva for your help. I upgraded to 6.1.0 and everything is working fine.


Hi I am using the latest Wikitude in Unity and android and I am getting the same issue. I am trying to use SLAM, must I always email sales in order to trial this feature? 

I am getting the the unlicensed feature also.


Hello Ritesh,

There will be an official release of Wikitude SDK 7.2.1 that will provide a bugfix tomorrow, so stay tuned!



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Nice. I`m with this same problem.
There is any confirmation that the fix will be released today?

 Hello Jorge,

The new SDK 7.2.1 has been released since yesterday and you can find the new packages here



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