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Replaced w/ newest wikitudesdk.aar, now says license key missing


I've been working on my AR app for my capstone, and I've been having troubles with isVisible(). I thought perhaps I needed to update to the latest SDK, which I was relatively certain meant replacing the wikitudesdk.aar file in my app's libs folder.

I did so, and it now has a LICENSE KEY MISSING overlay when I run it. My license key is there--I haven't touched it since I started--so I'm not sure what could be wrong, or if replacing the file affected it.

I was moving files around in an attempt to run the examples, so it could be possible I re-shuffled one into the wrong place. But as I look at my assets folder, everything is correct and where I want them to be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This capstone is due in two weeks *nervous smile*

Hi Hanna,

Can you please tell me which version you were using before, the version you updated now and if you are using a trial license key? Also, could you please check once again that the license key is added to the .js file?



Hi Eva,

I was using version 6.0.1, and I downloaded the latest version, 6.1.0. The license key is currently in my, in config.setLicenseKey(...). I'm using the Javascript API, and I have an educational license.


I just tested it now because I realized I still had the previous version saved; It runs fine when I have the wikitudesdk.aar from version 6.0.1 (previous version), but when I replace it with the new 6.1.0 file, the overlay appears.

Hello Hanna,

I was finally able to find what the issue is. You applied for an edu license key on February 20th and the latest SDK release was on March. This is why your key is not working with version 6.1.0. Please write on and simply request for an edu license key. You do not have to provide any further details, I will make sure to generate a new edu license key for you as soon as possible.



Thanks Eva! Much appreciated.

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