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Browsing POI with radar example: Locations from JSON files loading and radar appearing but no markers

Hi I am having a problem with displaying the markers for my wikitude application. The markers are being picked up (I know this because it loads the number of places) Also The image for the radar is appearing, and it works as a compass, but does not show any markers inside the radar. I am not sure why this is happening, I have tried changing the locations to ones near me, but that is not working. Any advice on what else to try?

I will attach my code for these classes in order for anyone to see, if I am missing in vital parts. Included to show the locationChanged method in the android envrionment, even though I think it is functioning correctly.



(1.28 KB)
(1.21 KB)
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Hello Paul,

I think that the problem is in your file. In the code I pasted below you are calling the setLocation method that most likely will return 0, as the variables are also set to null. So I would suggest that you completely remove this line, since you are also calling it (correctly) at onProviderEnabled and onLocationChanged


protected void onPostCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


        try {
            architectView.setLocation(latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy);
        } catch (Exception e) {
            System.out.println("Error with the Wikitude asset");




Thanks for your quick response. I have removed the setLocation line from onPostCreate, but it has not resolved my issue. Was it just the setLocation line that was to be removed in the onPostCreate method. I am going try a different phone, as my phone is quite old, and it takes quite a bit of time for the radar to show on the screen, so maybe it could be due to the phone.

Can you think of any other possibilities that could be causing this issue?



Hi Paul,

What you can do is check your location in MainActivity.js and addingradar.js files. So basically you would need to check your current location that you are passing to the SDK and compare it with the location when you are calling the locationchanged method.

If these two locations are the same then you could also make sure that the POIs you are setting are not that far away from you. So you can also check the distance between your current location and your POIs and make sure that it is less than 50km. You can do this by calling the scene.cullingDistance property.



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